SE03 I[SE03] DAY 02 - Sovereign

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From the book

If we really believe that God is sovereign over our suffering (and why would we even consider praying if we didn’t?), and that he is purposeful in allowing suffering into the lives of those who belong to him, shouldn’t that shape how we pray? Shouldn’t we welcome God to accomplish everything he intends to accomplish uniquely through the suffering for that person’s good and for his glory?

Ashley's Note

Dear God, what I read today is something hard to chew on. When I'm worshipping you at church, oh how easy it is to proclaim with confidence that You alone are sovereign over everything--EVERYTHING! But when I'm living my daily life, struggling with deafening sadness all around me, oh Lord, I am embarrassed and deeply troubled by realizing the shallowness of my shouts. Father God, mold me with Your hands into a person that is not afraid to welcome You to accomplish everything You intend to accomplish uniquely through the suffering for my good and for Your glory. You alone are sovereign over all our existence. Have my soul. Have my life. Let your sovereignty shines through my brokenness. In Jesus' name, amen. 

Today's Mission

1) Read the text: Nancy Guthrie의 책, <I'm Pryaing for You>에서 발췌한 본문을 'From the book'에 옮겨 적었습니다. 읽어보세요 :) 

2) Read out loud: 'From the book' 파트를 낭독하며 녹음해주세요. 그리고 카카오톡에 공유해주세요 :) 눈으로 읽는 것과 소리 내어 읽는 것의 차이를 느껴보세요. 

3) Todya's word: Sovereign 

오늘의 단어는 'Sovereign'입니다. 단어 'Sovereign'을 활용하여 영작해보세요. 짧게는 한 줄도 좋습니다! :) 

It's my true joy to walk this faithful journey with you all.


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