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From the Book

Perhaps those who make art in the ways we traditionally think of art give the rest of us a framework from which to live our lives. They offer a gift of knowing what life could look like if it were handled more like a mysterious piece of art rather than a task-oriented list. We may not all have the same skill or training as do the painters or the musicians, but we all bear the image of a creative God.

In coming up with a working definition of an artist for the purposes of this book, perhaps we could say, then, that being an artist has something to do with being brave enough to move toward what makes you come alive.

Art means believing that the God who created the world with words alone creates with words still, through us—whether it be on a stage to thousands or in a corner with one.

Maybe you make paintings, or maybe you make pie.

Maybe you live confidently in the midst of scary situations.

Maybe you are brave enough to listen, to wait, to trust.

Maybe you see potential in situations and in people that others aren’t able to see.

Art is what happens when you dare to be who you really are.


When we live free, we are able to give freedom. When we live loved, we are able to give love. When we are secure, we are able to offer security. God reveals himself through every artist, and the artist is you.

The question isn’t who is the artist? The question becomes who are you?

<A Million LIttle Ways> Emily P. Freeman p20-21

Ashley's Note

Bedtime routine for my two five and six-year-old children: Read one or two books, Pray, and Fall asleep while I sing them lullabies. I usually sing three songs repeatidely, and one of them is a hymn that I've sung almost every night of their lives. It's called "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know." 

Jesus loves me, this I know

For the Bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong

They are weak but He is strong.

Jesus loves me, he who died

Heaven's gate to open wide

He will wash a way my sin

Let his little child come in 

Jesus loves me, loves me still

Though I'm very weak and ill

From His shining throne on high

Comes to watch me when I lie

Jesus loves me, He will stay

Close beside me all the way

I love him and when I die

He will take me home on high

Yes, Jesus loves me

Yes, Jesus loves me

Yes, Jesus loves me

The Bible tells me so.

It’s not my responsibility to make my children feel secure in every circumstance. I must confess with my agonizing heart that it’s way beyond my capacity. What I’m responsible of, instead, is to introduce them the ultimate source of security—The rock that will never forsake them throughout EVERY SEASON of their lives.

As I sing lullabies every night, I pray that the day would come soon—the day when my children would sing the hymn as their souls’ confession. That makes it one of my artistic routines as a mom of two little children, sharing my prayer in lullabies. How about you? In what areas of your ordinary life do you live as an artist? Please do share your sentences with us and become an inspiration for all. Your voice matters. 

Today's Mission

Share your sentences with today’s expression, ‘secure’. Your sentences don’t need to be long. Just one sentence would be alright. Remember. This place is the place to make mistakes and errors. Have fun!

Due by 5/10 (Tue) 11:59:59 PM

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