SE02 A Million Little Ways[SE02] DAY 5 - Rhythm

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Photo by John Moeses Bauan  on Unsplash 

From the Book

Jesus came down to us, lived a perfect life, and fulfilled the law of God, forever changing our relationship with the law so we don’t have to look at it anymore. Now, we look to Jesus. He came so that you and I will be moved on the inside.

Barnard of Clairvaux describes this mysterious movement this way: “If you ask me how I know that the Lord is present, since His ways are past finding out, my answer is that the Word is living and active, and as soon as ever He entered me, He aroused my sleeping soul, and stirred and softened and pricked my heart, that had been sick and as hard as stone.”

Now we are invited to move with the rhythm of his Spirit. The only way we can do that is because his Spirit lives within us.

What does this have to do with our desire to uncover our art? Everything. Because now I have a new heart, a new purpose, a new movement taking place within me. As believers in the gospel, as partakers of the new covenant, as fellow sojourners on the road of the new way, maybe we don’t have to be so suspicious of desire.

Pursuing desire is only toxic when we demand our desires be satisfied on our terms and in our timing. As recipients of the new heart of the Spirit, our deepest desire, when honestly reliazed, will always lead us to God.

<A Million Little Ways> Emily P. Freeman p52-53

Ashley’s Note

God tears down our old hearts with painful incidents. I know it’s so much more than terrifying. No one likes to get hurt; but I  dare to believe that’s where the undeniable and unbelievable grace comes in. From the ruins, He himself cleanses piles of ashes that were once as hard as stone. And bit by bit, He rebuilds pieces of our hearts with His spirit and gives us soft, and responsive hearts that response to other people who are going through the suffering that we once experienced. When we let God shine His light through our newly-healed scars, then we would be able to see us already dancing to God’s life-changing rhythm. The question is not about how to dance. The question is about whether to choose to feel His rhythm or not. Feel the rhythm. Take His hands. Let Him lead your steps. Dance with Him. Are you a horrible dancer like me? Let us not worry. Our heavenly dance partner is not there to rate our dance performance; He is there to take delight in our new hearts that are learning to feel His rhythm. You are safe in His arms. We are safe in His arms.

Today’s Mission

  1. 오늘의 단어인 ‘rhythm'를 넣은 문장을 영작해주세요. 문장이 길지 않아도 되어요. 그리고 한 문장이어도 괜찮아요! Remember. This place is the place to make mistakes and errors!
  2. Recite: 눈으로 읽는 것과 소리를 내어 읽는 과정의 차이. 분명히 있답니다! 그 차이, 꼭 느끼고 누려보세요. 오늘의 책 부분을 핸드폰 녹음기로 녹음하여 카톡창에 공유해보세요. 10일의 기간 동안 7회 이상 Recite 미션을 인증하시는 분들께 드릴 특별한 선물을 준비하고 있어요. :)
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