SE03 I[SE03] DAY 06 - Deem

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Today's Bible Verse

The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying,

Thus you shall bless the people of Israel: you shall say to them,

The Lord bless you and keep you;

the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you;

the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”

Numbers 6:22–26 (esv)

From the book

Sometimes when we suffer, it seems as if God has turned against us, as if he is withholding his goodness from us. But these words of blessing that God told Moses to pronounce over his people as they wandered in the wilderness should convince us otherwise. They reveal God’s settled disposition toward his people, his posture toward those he calls his own. He intends to bless us and keep us, to be gracious to us, to give us peace.

But what does it mean to be blessed? Certainly, as we live in this world that has been impacted by the curse, we would not identify so many of our experiences as “blessings.” Yet experiencing God’s blessing is not merely getting what we deem to be good things from God. The essence of blessing is getting more of God.

When we ask God to bless the person we’re praying for, we’re asking God to make him deeply content in God. We’re praying that he finds his home so securely in God that adverse circumstances cannot shake him. We’re praying that he will sense God’s smile on his life. The face of God is radiant toward those who are his because he sees us not for who we are on our own, but for who we are in Christ.

<I'm Praying for You> Nancy Guthrie, p27-28 

Ashley's Note

"It is a call to fight. Loving Me and becoming holy requires that you realize there is an enemy within you who will cause you more trouble than all the enemies outside you, than even the devil. I want you to fight, but I want you to fight the right battle. ... Loving Me and being faithful to My plan requires hating everything in you that is opposed to Me, everything about you that wants someone or something besides Me to have first place in your life. You’ll need help discerning what that is." <66 Love Letters>Larry Crabb, Joshua 

Father God, I want to choose to live a life of a blessed one in Your eyes; but to be honest, whenever I make this confession, I become deeply troubled and fearful of losing everything I've held onto tightly with my two hands. Yes. It's that easy to forget the fact that You are a loving father. Oh, how I need You every second of my life. Lord, I desire to have courage in hating everything in myself that is opposed to You. I long to get more of You yourself, not insisting on what I deem to be good things from You. I want to be blessed in Your eyes. Oh, I need Your guidance. 

Today's Mission

1) Read the text: 본문 리딩 두 번째 날이에요. 오늘은 <I'm Praying for You>의 Chapter 4에서 담아왔어요. 

2) Read out loud: 'Today's Bible Verse'와 'From the book' 파트를 낭독하여 녹음해보세요 :) 그리고 챗창에 공유해주세요. 따로 또 같이 읽는 기쁨을 함께 누려보세요!

3) Today's word: deem 

오늘의 단어는 'deem' 이에요. 단어 'deem'을 여러가지로 활용해서 영작해보세요~! :) 

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