SE02 A Million Little Ways[SE02] DAY 9 - Sustain

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From the Book

We—a people with a full capacity to love and learn and create and live—we did not just happen. We were made by design, held together by a Person.

We don’t have to be so afraid of desire. It’s time instead to wake up to it. In the waking, maybe we will begin to see that instead of principles to follow, life is more like a rhythm to move with.

Your childhood dream delights God. I don’t say that because every secret dream will come true. But having a dream is evidence of a person who is fully alive. Having a dream is a reflection of the image of God.

In a class I took taught by author and psychologist Dr. Larry Crabb, he said this about hope: “We are sustained not by what we see happen but by what we know will happen.

<A Million Little Ways> Emily P. Freeman p67

Ashley’s Note

“Christian discipleship is a lifetime of training in how to pay attention to the right things, to notice God’s work in our lives and in the world. Through long practice, we unfix our gaze from distractions and fears in order to attend to that which God attends. We learn to watch. Silence, stillness, and attentiveness are in short supply in our increasingly loud, digitized, and frenetic world. In his book The Shallows, Nicholas Carr shows how our brains are being physically rewired by our use of technology so that we are more capable of taking in small, fragmentary snatches of information, but less capable of giving sustained attention to any one person, argument, or experience. Attentiveness is at critical risk of extinction.

The church’s task is to learn to keep our eyes peeled for how God is at work. … Through prayer, through gathered worship, through the Scriptures and sacraments, we train our eyes to notice the light in the darkness.”

<Prayers in the Night for Those Who Work or Watch or Weep> Tish Harrison Warren,  p59-61

Today’s Mission

  1. 오늘의 단어인 ‘sustain'을 넣은 문장을 영작해주세요. 문장이 길지 않아도 되어요. 그리고 한 문장이어도 괜찮아요! Remember. This place is the place to make mistakes and errors!
  2. Recite: 눈으로 읽는 것과 소리를 내어 읽는 과정의 차이. 분명히 있답니다! 그 차이, 꼭 느끼고 누려보세요. 오늘의 책 부분을 핸드폰 녹음기로 녹음하여 카톡창에 공유해보세요. 10일의 기간 동안 7회 이상 Recite 미션을 인증하시는 분들께 드릴 특별한 선물을 준비하고 있어요. :)
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